Baby Blankets

The core of Little Giraffe™ will always be our premium baby blanket collections. Designed to be the softest, most luxurious baby blankets on earth. And we aren’t kidding! One touch and you’re a believer. Inspired + Luxury baby blankets - from Little Giraffe.


Baby Blankets

Chenille My First ::  Baby Blanky

Chenille My First™ :: Baby Blanket

Chenille :: Baby Blanket

Chenille :: Mini™ Blanket

Chenille Satin :: Blanky

Chenille :: Blanky

Dream Sack :: Stretch Chenille™

Luxe™ :: Baby Blanket

Luxe Mini™ Blanket

Luxe™ Giraffe :: Blanky

Luxe™ Blanky

Dolce™ Ruffle Blanket

Dolce Chevron™ :: Baby Blanket

Dolce™ Solid Blanket

Dolce™ Chevron :: Blanky

Bella™ :: Baby Blanket

Bella™ Blanky

Velvet Deluxe™ ::  Baby Blanket

Velvet Deluxe Blanky

Muslin Circle™ :: Swaddler