Baby Blankets

Baby blankets from Little Giraffe are designed to be the softest, most luxurious on earth. Just one touch of this plush baby blanket, and you’ll become a believer. Our baby blankets are made out of the softest fabrics available so that your precious little one stays warm and cozy. Give them the gift of LOVE - a luxe baby blanket from Little Giraffe.


Baby Blankets

Dolce™ Union Jack Blanket

Chenille Knit™ Baby Blanket

Dolce™ LOVE Blanket

Chenille My First  Baby Blanky

Chenille My First™ Baby Blanket

Chenille Baby Blanket

Chenille Giraffe™ Baby Blanket

Chenille Mini™ Blanket

Chenille Satin Blanky

Chenille Blanky

Dream Sack Stretch Chenille™

Luxe™ Baby Blanket

Luxe Mini™ Blanket

Luxe™ Giraffe Blanky

Luxe™ Blanky

Little L™ Blanky

Little E™ Blanky

Dolce™ Ruffle Blanket

Dolce Chevron™ Baby Blanket

Dolce™ Solid Blanket