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Luxe™ Receiving Blankets

Modern luxury has never been so simple. Wrap your little LOVE in our exceptionally chic and silky faux fur. Snuggle in and enjoy life’s sweetest moments with the softest blanket in the universe.

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Luxe™ Baby Blanket

Luxe™ Herringbone Blanket

Luxe Giraffe™ Baby Blanket

Luxe Spot™ Blanket

Lustre™ Rain Blanket

Luxe™ Zebra Blanket

Luxe Moroccan™ Baby Blanket

Luxe Cream Dot™ Baby Blanket

Luxe Leopard™ Baby Blanket

Luxe Dot™  Baby Blanket

Luxe New Dot™ Baby Blanket

Luxe™ Snow Leopard Baby Blanket

 Luxe Rib Stripe™ Blanket