Baby Gifts

Cherish the little ones in your life with luxury baby gifts from Little Giraffe! Our signature baby gift collections will be adored by both baby and mom. Browse our collections for premium baby gift ideas that are sure to be celebrated for years to come. Little Giraffe is love!


Baby Gifts

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Blanket in a Box™ Chenille

Chenille Baby Blanket

Chenille My First™ Baby Blanket

Chenille Mini™ Blanket

Chenille Blanky

Dream Sack Stretch Chenille™

Splash & Dry™ Towel + Washcloth

Warm & Fuzzy™ Cardigan + Cap

Mess with This™ Chenille Burpy Set

Lovie Triangle Chenille™

Chenille Throw

Chenille Pillow

Mini G™ + Blanky

Luxe™ Baby Blanket

Blanket in a Box Luxe™

Luxe Mini™ Blanket

Luxe™ Blanky

Plush Bundle™

Mess with This Luxe™ Burpy Set