Boxed Gifts

Gift them the gift of chic with luxury baby gift sets for boys, girls, or gender neutral. We created unique boxed sets to inspire new ways to give the gift of Little Giraffe.™ Show them they're loved with hip baby gifts that they'll treasure forever. Little Giraffe boxed gifts - inspired luxury in a box.


Boxed Gifts

Blanket in a Box™ Chenille

Dream Sack Stretch Chenille™

Mess with This™ Chenille Burpy Set

Lovie Triangle Chenille™

Splash & Dry™ Towel + Washcloth

Warm & Fuzzy™ Cardigan + Cap

Blanket in a Box Luxe™

Mess with This Luxe™ Burpy Set

Lovie Triangle Luxe™

Blanket in a Box Bella™

Lovie Triangle Bella™

Blanket in a Box Velvet Deluxe™

Muslin Circle™ Swaddler

Cashmere Hug™ Blanket + Romper

Box of Socks™ Giraffe

Starter Kit Lollipop™

Blanket in a Box™ Dolce™ Solid

Blanket in a Box Dolce Ruffle™

Leggies™ Solid

Square Meal™ Assorted Bib Set