Boxed Gifts

We created boxed sets to inspire new ways to give the gift of Little Giraffe.™ Inspired luxury in a box.


Boxed Gifts

Blanket in a Box™ Chenille

Dream Sack Stretch Chenille™

Mess with This™ Chenille Burpy Set

Lovie Triangle Chenille™

Splash & Dry™ Towel + Washcloth

Warm & Fuzzy™ Cardigan + Cap

Blanket in a Box Luxe™

Mess with This Luxe™ Burpy Set

Lovie Triangle Luxe™

Blanket in a Box Bella™

Lovie Triangle Bella™

Blanket in a Box Velvet Deluxe™

Muslin Circle™ Swaddler

Dream Sack Link™

Cashmere Hug™ Blanket + Romper

Blanket in a Box Dolce Ruffle™

Blanket in a Box™ Dolce™ Solid

Starter Kit Lollipop™

Box of Socks™ Giraffe

Leggies™ Solid