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Corporate Gifts

Choose from our selection of inspired luxury blankets and related accessories for baby and home in our ultra-plush fabrics. Each gift set is beautifully bundled in silver organza, and finished with a silver satin ribbon.

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Luxe™ Baby Blanket

Little G™ Blanky

Chenille Baby Blanket

Luxe™ Throw

  • Luxe™ :: Pink
  • Luxe™ :: Silver
  • Luxe™ :: Flax
  • Luxe™ :: White
  • Luxe™ :: Aqua
  • Luxe™ :: Blue
  • Luxe™ :: Celadon
  • Luxe™ :: Chocolate
  • Luxe™ :: Cream
  • Luxe™ :: Mocha
  • Luxe™ :: Charcoal
  • Luxe™ :: Cornflower
  • Luxe™ :: Lotus
  • Luxe™ :: Onyx

Luxe™ Throw


Little L™ Plush Toy

Little G™ Plush Toy

Little E™ Plush Toy

Chenille Throw

Luxe™ Satin Cover Up Adult

Luxe Giraffe™ Throw

Luxe Souffle™ Throw

Little O™ Plush Toy

Plentiful Plush™

Lavish Luxe™

Luxe™ Leopard Throw