Wrap your little one in our ultra-soft chenille. One touch and you’ll quickly understand why your child won’t go anywhere without this super soft fabric!



Chenille My First  Baby Blanky

Chenille My First™ Baby Blanket

Blanket in a Box™ Chenille

Chenille Baby Blanket

Chenille Mini™ Blanket

Chenille Satin Blanky

Chenille Blanky

Dream Sack Stretch Chenille™

Chenille Throw

Chenille Pillow

Lovie Triangle Chenille™

Mess with This™ Chenille Burpy Set

Splash & Dry™ Towel + Washcloth

Chenille Satin Pillow

Warm & Fuzzy™ Cardigan + Cap

Mini G™ + Blanky

Chenille Towel

Chenille Burpy

Chenille Washcloths

Baby Bundle™ Chenille