We searched far and wide for the perfect yarn so we could knit the softest blankets on earth! The result is our feathery soft Dolce™ knit. Feeling is believing. How sweet it is to be loved by you.


Dolce™ Chevron :: Throw

Dolce™ Throw :: Matrix

Dolce™ Solid Blanket

Dolce™ Ruffle Blanket

Dolce Chevron™ :: Baby Blanket

Dolce™ Chevron :: Blanky

Blanket in a Box :: Dolce Ruffle™

Blanket in a Box™ :: Dolce™ Solid

Dolce™ Dot Blanket

Dolce™ Dot :: Blanky

Blanket in a Box :: Dolce Dot™

Blanket in a Box :: Dolce Chevron™

Dolce™ LOVE :: Blanket