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One touch and you will believe you have found the softest blanket in the universe. Our exceptionally chic and silky faux fur is bordered in the softest satin imaginable. Babies will settle into blissful slumber wrapped in this luxurious blanket.

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Little G™ Blanky

Luxe™ Zebra Towel

Luxe™ Zebra Throw

Luxe™ Snow Leopard Towel

Luxe™ Baby Blanket

Little G™ Plush Toy

Blanket in a Box Luxe™

Luxe Mini™ Blanket

Luxe™ Blanky

Luxe™ Giraffe Blanky

Luxe Giraffe™ Throw

Luxe Souffle™ Throw Pillow

Luxe™ Throw Pillow

Luxe™ Throw

  • Luxe™ :: Pink
  • Luxe™ :: Silver
  • Luxe™ :: Flax
  • Luxe™ :: White
  • Luxe™ :: Aqua
  • Luxe™ :: Blue
  • Luxe™ :: Celadon
  • Luxe™ :: Chocolate
  • Luxe™ :: Cream
  • Luxe™ :: Mocha
  • Luxe™ :: Charcoal
  • Luxe™ :: Cornflower
  • Luxe™ :: Lotus
  • Luxe™ :: Onyx

Luxe™ Throw


Luxe™ Satin Travel Wrap

Little E™ Blanky

Little L™ Blanky

Lovie Triangle Luxe™