Splendor has never been so simple. Wrap your little LOVE in our exceptionally chic and silky faux fur. Snuggle in and enjoy life’s little luxuries.


Little G™ Blanky

Blanket in a Box Luxe™

Luxe™ Baby Blanket

Luxe Mini™ Blanket

Luxe™ Blanky

Luxe™ Giraffe Blanky

Little E™ Blanky

Luxe Giraffe™ Throw

Luxe Souffle™ Throw Pillow

Luxe™ Satin Travel Wrap

Luxe™ Throw Pillow

Little L™ Blanky

Luxe™ Throw

  • Luxe™ :: Pink
  • Luxe™ :: Silver
  • Luxe™ :: Flax
  • Luxe™ :: White
  • Luxe™ :: Aqua
  • Luxe™ :: Blue
  • Luxe™ :: Celadon
  • Luxe™ :: Chocolate
  • Luxe™ :: Cream
  • Luxe™ :: Mocha
  • Luxe™ :: Charcoal
  • Luxe™ :: Cornflower
  • Luxe™ :: Lotus
  • Luxe™ :: Onyx

Luxe™ Throw


Lovie Triangle Luxe™

Mess with This Luxe™ Burpy Set

Luxe™ Pillow

Little G™ Plush Toy

Plush Bundle™

Little G™ Rattle

Luxe™ Giraffe Pillow