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Complete your cozy-chic scene with our luxurious throw blankets, throw pillows, cover-ups, and accessories for home. The refined color palette and ultra-soft fabrics will transform your space to an oasis of inspired luxury. Our "Must Have" items make the perfect gifts for any arbiter of taste.

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Luxe™ Snow Leopard Throw Pillow

Luxe Lustre™ Rain Throw

Luxe Lustre Rain Throw Pillow

Luxe™ Mink Throw

Luxe™ Twist Throw

Luxe Twist™:: Throw Pillow

Luxe™ Zebra Throw

Dolce™ Throw Moroccan

Luxe™ Throw Pillow

Luxe Embossed Giraffe™ Throw

Dolce™ Throw Matrix

Bella Plush™  Throw Pillow

Luxe Leopard™ Cover Up

Luxe Snow Leopard™ Cover Up

Dolce™ Gloves + Scarf