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LOVE by Little Giraffe™

Born of the desire for every baby to experience the luxury of Little Giraffe, we are expanding the brand and sharing the LOVE. “LOVE by Little Giraffe” offers the comfort and quality all babies deserve, at a friendly price! A fresh and modern take on the luxurious hand-feel and coveted color palette, LOVE by Little Giraffe is your new go-to brand for everyday plush blankets, blankies and toys.

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Plush Toy Bundle

Cherish Chenille Satin Blanky

Posh Satin Blanky

Cloud Knit Giraffe Blanket

Cloud Knit Giraffe Blanky

Silky Dot Blanky

Silky Dot Baby Blanket

Giraffe Plush Toy

Giraffe Plush Rattle

Posh Security Blanky Toy