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Fill your little ones nursery with Little Giraffe LOVE that will keep baby happy from playtime to sleep time. Make your nursery a cozy and stylish space that both baby and mom will cherish!

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Luxe™ Throw

  • Luxe™ :: Pink
  • Luxe™ :: Silver
  • Luxe™ :: Flax
  • Luxe™ :: White
  • Luxe™ :: Aqua
  • Luxe™ :: Blue
  • Luxe™ :: Celadon
  • Luxe™ :: Chocolate
  • Luxe™ :: Cream
  • Luxe™ :: Mocha
  • Luxe™ :: Charcoal
  • Luxe™ :: Cornflower
  • Luxe™ :: Lotus
  • Luxe™ :: Onyx

Luxe™ Throw


Dolce™ Chevron Throw

Lustre™ Rain Pillow

Luxe™ Zebra Pillow

Muslin Dot Dreamsack™

Dreamsack Stretch Chenille™

Chenille Pillow

Chenille Throw

Chenille Satin Pillow

Luxe™ Pillow

Luxe™ Giraffe Pillow

Luxe Giraffe™ Throw

Luxe Souffle™ Throw

Satin Nap Pillow Solid

Dolce™ Throw Moroccan

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