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Baby Blankets

Little Giraffe is known for creating the best baby blankets on the market. Made from the highest quality textiles, these super soft baby blankets provide comfort that soothes and calms baby for a restful sleep. Our signature blend of innovative design, minimalist graphic prints, on-trend color palettes, and ultra soft fabrics combine to create top-of-the-line plush baby blankets - and a gift that they will treasure forever.

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FAQs about Baby Blankets

  • What is the size of a baby blanket?

    Little Giraffe’s luxury baby receiving blankets, baby security blankets, wearable, and swaddling blankets come in different sizes. Yet it’s easy to find the baby blanket size that’s just right for you. Our generously sized swaddling blankets are 44 inches in length and 44 inches in width. The measurements of our receiving blankets, in our Luxe™, Chenille™, and Dolce™ blankets are 29” by 35”. All of our blankies are 14” X 14”. Babies and toddlers will often develop an attachment for their favorite security blankets or lovey blankets.

  • What kind of baby blankets do I need?

    We offer many types of baby blankets in a variety of sizes and textures that contribute to the developmental stages of your baby. For newborn to six months, we offer wearable blankets that keep your baby snug throughout the night. We also offer a variety of swaddling blankets for your baby’s early development. Our super luxurious ultrasoft plush blankets offer extraordinary comfort while nursing or rocking baby to sleep, and during playtime. For instance, our best-selling Luxe™ Baby Blanket is the softest, most luxurious receiving blanket available. It's no surprise that it is adored by celebrities, trendsetters, and devoted parents everywhere. When you wrap your little one in these exceptionally chic and ultrasoft newborn blankets, rest assured they are snuggling with the softest blankets on earth. We always say we won’t stop until there’s a Little Giraffe baby blanket in every stroller. Once your child is old enough to transition to their “big kid” bed, we offer a variety of toddler blankets, toddler throws, and other big kid blankets.

  • How do you wash Little Giraffe blankets?

    All of our fabrics retain their luxurious finish and heirloom quality after years of easy care. Simply drop your Little Giraffe plush blanket in a cold-water wash cycle and hang or dry flat to preserve the ultrasoft hand feel. Avoid using bleach when washing blankets for babies and avoid heat to protect the polyester fibers.

  • Can you dry Little Giraffe blankets?

    When it comes to properly drying your Little Giraffe blanky, newborn or an infant receiving blanket, baby swaddle, or wearable blanket, we recommend you hang or dry flat. To limit the separation between blankets and baby, you can speed the drying time by running a no-heat air-dry cycle.

  • What are soft baby blankets made of?

    Our soft baby blankets are made from nothing but the finest and most luxurious fabrics. Our Luxe, Chenille, and Velvet Deluxe blankets are made with 100% poly microfiber yarns. This baby blanket fabric is a specific polyester thread that is very fine and has a suede finish, so it gives our products an especially soft touch and luxurious feel. We search the world for the few baby blanket fabrics that meet our high standards so we can be sure you’ve never felt anything softer!

  • Are your fabrics hypoallergenic?

    Most of our fabrics are derived from a very fine polyester microfiber yarn with a sueded finish to meet our standards of a luxuriously soft hand feel. Polyester is naturally hypoallergenic, so there should be very little concern among parents regarding allergies unless the child has a known allergy to polyester. We use the finest and softest polyester “downlike” fill in our baby pillows as well because of its hypoallergenic attributes.

  • Which Little Giraffe blanket is the softest?

    Little Giraffe blankets are the softest, most comforting, and luxurious baby boy and baby girl blankets in the universe. With every touch of our Luxe™ blankets and Chenille™ baby blankets, you’ll experience the true meaning of softness, comfort, and LOVE. Our best-selling Luxe™ Baby Blanket is the softest, most luxurious baby blanket available. It's no surprise that it is adored by celebrities and trendsetters alike. Chic faux fur and our signature satin border make this a special gift for your baby. They'll treasure this super-soft blanket forever. Our super snuggly Chenille and Luxe designer blankets are trimmed with a matching satin picture-frame edge. Not to mention, Our highly-coveted, super-soft Luxe and Chenille blankets are perfect baby shower gifts. They are also the best blankets for toddlers.

  • How do I keep my baby warm at night?

    Keep your baby warm and comfortable at night in a Little Giraffe wearable baby blanket. Our Dreampods™ and Dreamsacks™ are cozy, comforting, and practical. They are also the best blankets for newborns. Layer over baby's pajamas for a comfortable night's sleep. The Dreampod™ swaddles easily with Velcro closures, and keeps your little one warm and secure for a restful slumber. Alternatively the velvety exterior and fluffy interior of our Dreamsack™ is sure to keep your little LOVE warm and cozy. The unique design, with a bottom zipper, keeps the baby snug and allows for easy diaper changes without interrupting the baby’s sleep.

  • What are baby receiving blankets used for?

    Newborns are gently swaddled in the delivery room with a hospital-issued receiving blanket. But when you bring your baby home, you’re going to want to wrap them in the plush comfort of a Little Giraffe Luxe or Chenille baby receiving blanket. Our heirloom-quality receiving blankets will be cherished for a lifetime. Our receiving blankets will comfort your baby through the early stages of life from newborn through the toddler years. Keep your baby cozy in the softest receiving blankets in the universe. We offer a variety of colors for a baby boy or baby girl receiving blankets. If you are buying a newborn gift and are not aware of the gender, we offer several neutral colors as well. Little Giraffe infant receiving blankets make the best newborn gifts.

  • What is the best fabric for baby blankets?

    All Little Giraffe products are made from the highest quality, softest textiles, and provide not only comfort, but soothe and calm baby for restful sleep. We search the world for the few fabrics that meet our high standards so we can be sure you’ve never felt anything softer! Our fabrics retain their luxurious finish and heirloom quality after years of easy care.

  • What is a security blanket for baby?

    For many babies and toddlers, the security blanket or "blanky" is an essential part of childhood. This cuddly and much-loved item has also saved parents many sleepless nights over the years. Our plush Luxe™ is a faux fur blanky that every baby dreams of! This plush blanky has satin trims, making it irresistibly silky and stylish. There is something very endearing about seeing a baby clutching their Luxe™ blanky. And during a child's early years, the security blanket almost seems to be part of the family. If you’re packing the baby bag for a family outing, remember the snacks, water, wet wipes...and blanky!

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