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Chenille Blanky


Ultra Soft & Snuggly

Little Giraffe Is Forever

7 Customer Reviews

Susan scheinerman

My 4 month old loves this blanky. She loves to put it on her cheek to soothe and helps her to fall asleep. It is so soft and plush. I bought her two if one has to get washed. So easy to wash in the machine.

Aussi of 4

Well this is #3 Pink Chenille Blanky for granddaughter #1 age almost 10. #1 has been loved for almost 10 years. #2 was purchased about 7-8 yrs ago to be left at our house because #1 kept being forgotten and left at home. #1 was found shortly afterwards and then #2 got lost, never to be found. At Christmas Santa left the girls a trip to Atlanta. Lovey #1 along with younger sister’s Blanket Lovey which my mom made when my daughter was a baby were left at hotel never to be found. After several request I finally gave in and ordered #3. Hopefully it will last forever. All that to say they wash great but eventually become well loved and need to be retired but #1 still had some time left if it hadn’t been left behind.

Lindsey Torrence

This “Grace”, as my little girl calls it, is never out of arms reach. It’s been washed a thousand times and aways comes out like new! We love Little Giraffe!

Denise Harrison

This was my son's absolute favorite little baby blanket. He received it as a newborn and loved it and snuggled with it for over 10 years! It is so soft with silky edges and been washed it a million times! It has now been packed away as his favorite keepsake. Today, the birth of my nephew was announced and I am buying him the same baby blanket.

Gale Mendes

Purchased this beautiful Chenille soft blanky for a gift. The child loves this blanky to snuggle with and it goes everywhere with her! This blanky, in any color, is always part of my welcome new baby gift!


my daughter has millions of blankys but this is the one that she is the most attached to. it has completely encouraged a better sleeping pattern which has been such a help! my family and I have a lot of love for this brand, 100% a must-have.

Sofia C.

so soft and cozy, my daughter absolutely cherishes it xox

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