BIG fans of Little Giraffe!

We love receiving pictures from our customers of their little ones snuggling with our products.  We all say, "Awww... how cute!" and feel great about the work we are doing here to provide the softest, cuddliest products on the market.  Today, we share with you a couple images we just received from our customers that really made us smile!

Our first fan is 14 month old Sienna Rain from Florence, AL.  Sienna's mom Amy tells us:  "Honestly, Sienna has always loved her Little Giraffe blankets.  In the morning, before she will even reach for me to get her out of the crib, the first thing she will do is grab her LG blanket!  Then, when I pick her up, she buries her head in her blanket on my shoulder. I cherish that moment every morning.  It is the sweetest thing.  She sleeps holding her LG blanket, she nurses holding her LG blanket, and she carries them with her everywhere she goes.  I do not leave the house without one!  They are so comforting to her, and so beautiful to me.  Every little girl and little boy deserves a Little Giraffe blanket!"

Amy scores her Little Giraffe blankets from  Thanks for sharing your story with us, Amy & Sienna!

Boys Love Little Giraffe, too!

Our next adorable fan is Asher Wold from Shoreline, WA near Seattle.  Asher's mom Daniella tells us, "My son loves his pillow so much, he calls it his BoBo.  It was the first gift I bought for him while I was pregnant, so it means even that much more to me.  :)"

Asher, who is your stylist? We're loving your super-cool 'do!  Thanks for being a fan of our products and supporting Little Giraffe!

Do you have a little one who is a BIG fan of Little Giraffe?  If so, please let us know!

Sienna Rain wraps herself in her cozy Little Giraffe blanket!
Sienna nibbles on her soft velvet & satin blanket
Adorable Asher and his Little Giraffe chenille pillow
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