Baby Hudson Finds Comfort in his Little Giraffe Blanket During Surgery

We are grateful to hear from our fans, and were so happy when Katie and her mom Sabra, from Pottsboro Texas, connected with us to share the heartwarming story about little Hudson and his favorite blanket.

Baby Hudson, was born in January 2009 with a cleft lip and cleft palate. Due to his condition, he was unable to use a pacifier for comfort.  Hudson discovered his Little Giraffe blanket could take the place of a paci! Grandmother Sabra says he would put it up to his lips, or rub it on his mouth or face for comfort.  "It was so amazing to watch this precious little one find his own 'pacifier'!  NO other blanket would do!  Only the softness of the Little Giraffe Blanket!"
Hudson has been quite the trooper, and we are so glad to hear he has successfully made it through two surgeries.  His first surgery to repair his lip was at 3 months old, and his second surgery to repair his palate was last month.  At both of his surgeries the doctors allowed Hudson to take one item with him into the operating room.  It was a “no brainer” for them to let him take his Little Giraffe blanket with him.  What a lifesaver after his surgeries!
Here is a picture of Hudson in the hospital after his most recent palate surgery, with his camo Little Giraffe blanket.
So Cute!
Now, at 9 months, and after 2 surgeries, his Little Giraffe blanket is his very best friend.  Hudson's mommy, Sabra, says one of his Little Giraffe blankets is never an arm’s length away.  "They have calmed him while he sleeps, comforted him in his time of pain, and provided a sense of security throughout his surgeries."
We want to say a special thanks to Katie and Sabra for sharing their story.  Thank you so much for your kind words, and best wishes to adorable baby Hudson!

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