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Luxe Dot Blanky


Ultra Soft & Snuggly

Little Giraffe Is Forever

6 Customer Reviews


My daughter loves these blankets.. I started with one and have three now and a blanky. We don’t go anywhere with out one! They wash so well and are so cuddly soft.... next purchase is one for me!!


My “go to” baby shower gift - my grandlittles still cherish their “lovies” from Little Giraffe and no other kind will do. I’m thinking maybe it’s time for me to buy myself a Little Giraffe blanket to cuddle with on the couch!!!


This Little Giraffe blanky is our granddaughter's fourth LG. It's her go-to snuggy when she needs a break, and at bedtime. There's just something about the plush, silky fabric, and the satin binding that create a magical soothing combination.

Pat Clements

My two granddaughters have the blankies. The one and a half year old took hers out of the suitcase at home which was unnoticed. We had a melt down when this was discovered. I had happened to purchase a new one for my other daughter's baby shower so that one saved the day! Now they each had their blankies to sleep with! It's my go to baby shower gift! I made sure my daughter took it off her registry. Of course two would not be too many! They are all so soft and cuddly.


My daughter has slept with this blanket for every nap and nighttime for almost 3 years. It is incredibly soft and comforting to her. Travels well and has endured many washes. We now own 3 of this exact one so we never have to worry about one being misplaced for bedtime or vacation.

Emma G.

have one in blue and one in pink for my twins, they absolutely adore their blankys and won't go anywhere without them!

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