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Chenille Baby Blanket


Ultra Soft & Snuggly

Little Giraffe Is Forever

Girls holding Little Giraffe Chenille Baby Blankets
Mother and daughter with blanket on bed

Fluffy Like A Cloud

Sink into the extra plush and fluffy warmth of our Chenille Blanket. It's softness will soothe and comfort your littles.

Father and daughter with blanket

Fan Favorite

Cherished by many, our extra soft Chenille Baby Blanket is a new parent and baby favorite. One touch and you'll quickly understand why your child won't go anywhere without it!

Baby with pink Chenille blanket

Made To Last

Our Little Giraffe baby blankets are made with the softest, highest quality materials. We search the world for the few fabrics that meet our high standards so we can be sure you’ve never felt anything softer!

16 Customer Reviews

MaryAnne McCrea

I bought our first one 18 years ago for our first grandchild. 7 grands later they each got one. Fantastic blankets. Thank you


Absolutely love it!


I bought this blanket for my soon to be 1st niece. When I was little I had a favorite blanket and my sister asked me to pick out her 1st daughter's childhood blanket. This blanket is going to be absolutely perfect. It is the softest blanket and yet has the trim around it for a child to hold onto. When the blanket arrived, I was blown away by the beautiful packing. This blanket arrived ready to be taken to the hospital to surprise my sister and my 1st niece. I cannot wait for everyone to see this beautifully soft blanket... It is definitely going to be my niece's favorite blanket....


My daughter has slept and napped with this blanket every day since the day she was born. That was 11 years ago. The quality and workmanship are so magical and comforting that I must give you this important piece of advice if your little one is lucky enough to get one: Don't leave home without it!

Pam Osborn

I've given each of my three grandchildren the Giraffe chenille baby blanket and the kids love them. They are so soft with a thick pile and provide not only warmth but provide a feeling of security and something they can cuddle with as they sleep. A great value for such a high quality item!


My little guy is OBSSESED with all things little giraffe. Full size blankets, blankies, and pillows!!! He honestly can’t get enough of the coziness! We purchased plenty of backup so we can rotate them as we wash :)

Erin P

Ordered this in Lotus for my 4 month old daughter. It is so soft and cozy and very well made. She loves snuggling with it. I'm sure we will be bringing it everywhere now!

Erin P

LOVE this baby blanket. I just received this blanket in Lotus and it is so soft and dreamy. The color is beautiful. My baby loves it already! We also ordered Little E blanky - can't wait to get it!

Martha V

My son will simply not go anywhere without this blanket. He nestles into it for nap and sleep and just gently drifts off. It is such a blessing really! This blanket is a life changer with a little one.

Kam Kuo

My daughter just got one of these blankets from her aunt and she loves it. She won't let go of it. Now I'm afraid of what will happen if we ever lose it. I better order another one as a backup.


My identical twin daughters, now 4 and a half, have been inseparable from their Little Giraffe Chenille baby blankets. These blankets have withstood 4 years of abuse, and yet (after a good wash) are as elegant and soft as ever. I can't recommend one of these blankets enough.

Melissa Roberts

My son received this blanket as a gift when he was born and still sleeps with it 10 years later! Ever since, this has become my "go to" baby gift. Yes, it's buttery soft, makes a great security blanket, and the perfect keepsake for parents to be.


I bought these blankets for my grandchildren when they were babies. Now my eldest is 10 and youngest is 7. This is what they requested for Easter. They are both boys. They're the best blankets EVER.


My first grandchild received this blanket as a gift and I loved it so much that I am ordering my fourth for my newest grandbaby. Love the colors and they look great monogramed.


All my grandchild have these and the 9 year old still sleeps with white one he got when he was born he has 10 he still sleeps with. The newest grandchild got hers in the hospital and loves it.


This blanket is buttery soft. I have never felt anything like it! Beautiful!

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