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Luxe Baby Blanket


Ultra Soft & Snuggly

Little Giraffe Is Forever

Softest Blanket In The Universe

Our Luxe fabric stays buttery soft and gentle for baby’s sensitive skin. The silky texture is the key to calming your fussy little ones when it comes time to nap.

Shower Wower

Our highly-coveted, super soft Luxe Blankets make the perfect gift for your littles.

Made To Last

Crafted with parents in mind, the Luxe Blanket will stand the test of time. From nighttime feeds to family outings, this blanket remains soft and snuggle-ready for years to come.

20 Customer Reviews


So incredibly soft! Feels like faux chinchilla! Baby isn’t the only one who got a blanket. Ended up buying throws for myself and my daughters because we're worth it!

Cynthia Saffell

The baby blankets were amazing. Bought 2 - one for each great-nephew and they are a hit. So soft decided to get the throw size for my 2 grandchildren for their beds.


I bought this blanket in cornflower blue. The color is beautiful, the texture very soft. After I ordered the blanket I saw there was a 15% off coupon in my email as a first time customer. I asked to have the 15% off on a future product. Instead the money for the coupon was immediately refunded. Excellent customer service! Product was received within days, securely shipped and beautifully packaged. This blanket is for my use. I get migraines and needed something exceptionally soft and not too heavy or hot to wrap around my head, ears and eyes. This blanket is absolutely perfect!!!


I absolutely love this blanket! We received it as a gift for my son and it was the first thing I bought for my daughter because I know how much my son still loves his blanket. It is incredibly soft and 100% worth every penny. It instantly soothes my daughter when I wrap her up in it. I highly recommend it!

Julie Hull

I’m confident this baby blanket is woven with fragments of Heaven, it is that soft!! I purchased this for my baby and will repurchase as gifts. The packaging was beautiful as well. I highly recommend!


I've had this blanket for eleven years! I love it so much I can't leave anywhere without it! It's so soft, easy to wash, and so comfortable! I named it blankie and it's the best lovey I've ever had! I'm not embarrassed to show it off to my friends either!


I was back and forth for so long! Bought it for my 10 month old for valentines day, so soft! Totally worth the investment! It will be her forever baby blanket!


I purchased this blanket at a department store for my granddaughter. She was only a few months old and would run her fingers over this extremely soft blanket while being fed and burped. I'm sure she will always love it. I bought a second blanket on for my grandson. The color selection on the website is great. I had no idea there were so many choices. And it was beautifully packaged (no extra charge!) I have now purchased another blanket for a great niece expected soon! My family loves these blankets!


My work gives this blanket to all the moms when they have a baby. Let me just say it’s my sons favorite. He carries it everywhere and I must say it is soft and lovely!


I ordered this blanket in Taupe, it is beautiful and the softest blanket I have found. It is a little bit of a heavy blanket and will no doubt keep my little one warm, but it may be a little too heavy to use daily for southern California summers. Nevertheless, it is very cozy and soft and I may get another one for myself!


In love with this baby blanket. It’s the softest and great quality! Definitely need another for my older child.

Nancy Lawson

I ordered this blanket in gray for my Niece's baby boy and he loved it so much that I ordered this one for her second baby girl. Top quality and both babies are never far from their blankets.

Judy Zbierajewski

I purchased as a baby shower gift. Very impressed with the quality. It’s so soft!

Dana Hourani

My two year old little girl LOVES her blanket! She doesn’t go to bed without it, in fact she doesn’t go anywhere without it!!!! I had to purchase a smaller version of this blanket for trips out because she refused to leave it at home! I just purchased one for my three month year old son! We are totally sold!


I bought this blanket as a baby shower gift for one of my friends. They fell in love with it as soon as they touched the fabric. I'd say it was a crowd favorite!


I got this for my infant Grandson for Christmas and I have no doubt it will be his favorite blanket and he will use it for many years. After opening the box and feeling the softness (it feels like chinchilla fur), I want one too! The packaging it came in was perfect to use as a gift, very pretty! I will be a repeat customer for sure!


Our daughter adores these blankets. They are soft and durable. I'm getting a third one because she just started daycare and they told us of all her blankets the Luxe is the one that she prefers to sleep with for naptime. Best blanket out there!!! Air dry these fabulous blankets! We got two when we had our daughter. Unfortunately, the first one got washed. The other texture available (Chenille) is literally obtainable by throwing the Luxe in the dryer wet. You can never get the softness back if it happens.


I love this blanket. I was given one as a shower gift when my daughter was born and I loved it so much that I got another one for the grandparents house. My baby loves rubbing the satin as she falls asleep - a little pricey but worth every penny!


just like they say, it really is the softest blanket in the universe. my little babe won't go anywhere without it! i have given many of these blankets as gifts and they are always adored.


I bought this blanket (the cream colored one) for a friend three years ago, and it's as soft as ever!

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