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Fun Bathtime Activities for Babies and Toddlers

posted by Kelly Pledger

Bathtime in our house involves more than just getting clean. It’s actually one of our favorite activities because the kids burn off a lot of energy and we always have loads of fun! Here are a few fun bathtime activities for babies and toddlers that we enjoy.

Give the Toys a Bath!

This is a great activity if your little one doesn’t like getting washed. It’s a fun way for them to feel in control of bathtime. The kids can wash their toys and then are more comfortable when it’s time to get washed themselves. Our toddler LOVEs to give his garbage truck a bath!

Glow in the Dark Bath

We LOVE to line the tub with glow sticks and put some on the kids. Turn out the lights, blast their favorite tunes and have a bathtub party!


Adding bubbles to bathtime is super exciting for your littles. You’ll laugh together as your kid makes a Santa beard for the 100th time.

Teethers are a Perfect Bath Toy

If your toddler is anything like mine, he has to have whatever his little sister has. I always give both kids a Little Giraffe teether during bathtime. It keeps the baby busy, and it keeps my toddler from eating bubbles and drinking the bathwater!

Colorful Bath Paints

Who doesn’t LOVE to add some color to bathtime? This is a fun way for your babies and toddlers to get messy without the extra clean-up for you.

Under the Sea Bath

Gather up all the sea creatures and water toys and go exploring in the deep blue ocean. Add goggles for even more fun!

Hide Toys in Bath Bombs

Hide one of their favorite small toys in a homemade bath bomb. Watch how excited they get as it dissolves and reveals their treasure!

Getting Out of the Bath Can be Fun too!

When it’s time to get out, we make sure the heater is turned up and their cozy Little Giraffe Luxe baby towels are ready to go.

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