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Plush Chenille Knit Baby Blanket


Ultra Soft & Snuggly

Little Giraffe Is Forever

9 Customer Reviews


The best baby blanket out there. I don’t know how we would have made it those first few days without it. It exceeds barefoot dreams by a landslide. My son was attached by the first day. The only time he ever cried was when he wasn't bundled up in this blanket. He’s 10 months and still goes crazy over it when we get it out.


I’m obsessed with this blanket. I got it as a gift for my fourth baby. I already had a million blankets but this blanket is a major standout. When I need to wash it, I wash it in between nap time so she never has to go to bed without it. It’s worth every penny! I love it so much that I just bought one as a baby gift for my sister in law because every new baby deserves this blanket.


Hands down the softest blanket I have ever had! Purchased one in pink for my 4m girl. We live in California so it’s not too cold yet. We use it for cuddles, nursing and sometimes I will drape it on myself for extra comfort. Good size, will be perfect for winter nights. My 6yo loved it and asked me to get her one in pink so now we have two blankets and everyone is happy!

Megan Rippinger

Absolutely love this blanket! It’s the softest and most cuddliest blanket ever. Our little one is obsessed with it! We were lucky enough to get it in lavender when the option was still available. Hoping LG adds more color options like green or even orange for future babes!

Pat Clements

Very soft and the lavender is a great color.


This is my favorite baby blanket from LG. I've bought several over the years for my nieces and nephew but this one is everyone's favorite! I hope this will continue to be in stock.... it makes me nervous that there is only one color left and its on sale. Keep this one around LG!!!!


You will not regret this purchase! I bought one for a small crib at my house for when my granddaughter came to visit. As a very excited first time grandma I spent a lot of time looking during the pregnancy. I purchased this blanket because of the look, color, quality, and softness. My granddaughter quickly decided this was her favorite blanket and went to sleep almost immediately when swaddled with it. Soon it "accidentally" went home with her and never came back as it was a lifesaver with soothing her. I was happy to have found this and quickly went to the site to re-purchase for my house. Recommended by grandmas, parents, AND babies!

Kenna Matosich

I will be ordering another, my daughter will not go to sleep without it.


My little girl just loves this blanket! She can't go to bed without her blankly now!

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