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Luxe Baby Pillow


Ultra Soft & Snuggly

Little Giraffe Is Forever

5 Customer Reviews


I purchased this pillow for my grandson for his 5th birthday because my daughter had purchased this pillow for him after he was born. He loves the soft feeling of this pillow against his skin. He calls it his "lovey" and cannot live without it. Over the 5 years that he has had this pillow that my daughter bought him, it has gone through a lot. Every time there was wear on the pillow my grandson would ask me to repair it. So I would sew the tear and it was good again. This last time I went to repair it, I decided I would purchase him another. Don't get me wrong, the pillow he was having me repair lasted 5 years and is still fine, just getting worn out over 5 years of wear. My grandson was so excited to see another pillow to add to his favorite pillow "lovey". Worth the money because it is made well, soft against the skin. The blue color is beautiful. Thank you Little Giraffe for making such a soft, comfortable, and beautiful little pillow.


I bought the first baby pillow for my granddaughter when she was an infant, she is now 15 and has had 3 over the years. She won't sleep without it!

alexis P.

I love this pillow! I got it when I was a kid, and I have kept it ever since. Mine is so old it is when they still put the name sideways and not under the giraffe! This pillow is amazing, and it has held up through all 13 years! Thank you! ( for anyone who was wondering I got it in cream)


My kids (3 and 6) each have had these pillows since they were babies and they both still sleep with them every night. They call them their "soft pillow" and we don't travel without them. Definitely a favorite comfort item in our house!


love the satin trim, they're so beautiful and so cozy. i have them in silver and white! definitely recommend

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