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Luxe Dot Baby Blanket


Ultra Soft & Snuggly

Little Giraffe Is Forever

7 Customer Reviews


To quote my daughter, who had asked for a baby blanket for my soon to be granddaughter that would be as soft as hers was 32 years ago, "This is a VERY soft blankie". And it truly is! Seriously as soft as soft can be. I'm so glad I spent the money on this blanket, the quality is just outstanding!

Francine Lewis

I love this SO soft blanket. I purchased it for my second granddaughter. I also purchased a solid pink one a couple of years ago, for my first granddaughter. Perfect size and weight.

Ashleigh B.

By the grace of God, I was gifted an LG blanket for my first child. I had never heard of this brand prior to becoming a parent and am far from a boutique-shopping individual. I quickly fell in love with how soft and weighted this blanket was for my daughter. It provides plenty of warmth and comfort. She cannot sleep at night without her “polka dot blanket”, even as a four-year-old. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I couldn’t deprive my other children of this comfort and ordered this blanket immediately upon finding out our next child, due in May, is a boy. (Not to mention, I insisted on my own LG blanket for Mother’s Day last year!)

Michelle G

We received several blankets for our baby shower, and at age 1, my now 2 1/2 year old will not let go of this blanket. Out of all the blankets he received, this is the one he wants! It is so beautiful and soft. We love Little Giraffe!

Kirstin Held

This blanket was a gift from my aunt and uncle. My daughter, Lyla-Belle, is now 2 years old and her and her "Gankie" are inseparable. This is a wonderful blanket and have every intention for everyone of my future babies to have one!!


When I was pregnant with my daughter one of my best friends asked what I wanted for the baby. I said I want a really nice soft warm pretty blanket. She said ok and this was what we got 4.5 years later we have two of these because she couldn't sleep without it and needed a back up, that didn't work as soon as she found the back up she wouldn't let go so she sleeps every single night with both. The we had two boys who each have two blankets of their own and an extra satin one. For a total of 7 little giraffe blankets. That friend just had a little girl and I got her the same blanket she just got it today and my best friend has received a luxe dot blanket for her daughter and am on the website right now about to buy one for her new little boy. 3 house holds and 6 kids who sign off on luxe blankets!


My daughter got this for my baby shower. She loves it she also got the matching mini one with the giraffe on it. Its been 2.5 years and still great. I take good care of it because I want it to last forever. Buying a big one for my husband because he loves how soft it is.

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