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Luxe Throw


Ultra Soft & Snuggly

Little Giraffe Is Forever

Impossible Softness

Our devoted following for baby blankets demanded the same quality in larger sizes and our home collection was born. These timeless throw blankets deliver epic luxury and style. Create a sanctuary in every room.

Perfectly Sized

Cuddle up in a family-sized throw and you’ll understand why we say Little Giraffe is LOVE! Our XL Throws are the perfect size for snuggling with the whole family! Party of one? We've got you covered with our classic sized throw.

Made To Last

We search the world for the few fabrics that meet our high standards so we can be sure you’ve never felt anything softer! Our high-quality materials are meticulously crafted to ensure your throw will retain its luxurious finish for years to come.

13 Customer Reviews

Jeanne Silverberg

This blanket is warm, soft and so cozy. Great quality and elegant. Love it so much and will buy more as luxurious gifts.

Mary B

We received the smaller pink baby blanket for our daughter when she was born as a gift and as she grew into a toddler she still wanted to use that blanket for sleep — so we upgraded her to the bigger version. It’s absolutely the best quality, and so soft and warm! She sleeps with it every single night, and it’s the cutest thing. It made our transition to toddler bed easy and painless. The BEST toddler purchase we have made, and I now give the little baby blanket at every baby shower!


The Little Giraffe Luxe Lovies have always been my go to baby present and all of my grandlittles still treasure theirs, we've replaced them many times as the oldest is 14!! Decided that it's time for the "big" people in the family to have this luxury and gave my oldest daughter one as a gift... definitely on everyone's Christmas list this year, it's so cozy and luxurious, I'm asking Santa for one for myself!!


Best blanket ever! So soft and heavy, but not too thick. This is my second one and I sleep with them every night!

Gale Robertson

I first discovered Little Giraffe when I bought them for my baby daughter twelve years ago. Of course, I had to have them in multiple colors!! When I was holding her with these blankets I often thought I sure wish I had an adult blankie just for me! I recently bought a friend two baby blankets and much to my delight they now offer grown-up blankets!! I purchased the Luxe throw in white and I absolutely ADORE it each night as I sleep with it!! Worth every cent!! Quality, luxurious, and cozy!!

Diane Welsh

The softest and best quality blankets! I’ve purchased three so far, one for each grandchild.

Kathie Welch

These blankets are addicting! I have 4 for around the house, including one on our master bed. I sleep so much better when I have the weight of one on me. I was told the largest blanket is approximately 7 pounds. Each of my grandbabies has several, they are their favorite blankets. I now buy them as baby gifts and everyone just loves them.


I purchased the larger Luxe blanket and absolutely love it so much I also ordered another one in a dark grey but it has a pattern to it. LOVE them both and they keep us very comfortable. I have a throw which I purchased a couple years ago and actually washed it. It turned out great with the exception of a little of the soft ribbon that goes around the outside of the throw isn't quite as soft now. I washed in cold water and mild soap and actually hang it to dry. I did not use any fabric softener because I didn't know if I should or not. Yes, it's still soft otherwise tho. Thanks!


Pure luxe-ury! I've bought these for Bride and Groom wedding gifts and all my family members for special occasions.


Everyone is jealous of my luxe throw! Go-to gift for the holidays. Worth every cent!


I give them as birthday gifts as my grandchildren grow out of babyhood. They won't sleep without them!


The most luxurious throw imaginable. Nothing else compares. It is impossibly soft! Everyone was fighting over it on the sofa so we had to get another. Highly recommended.

Elizabeth Dodson

I received the Luxe Giraffe Throw as a gift. I can't believe how beautiful this throw is. It is the softest I have ever seen and the quality is the best out there. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a beautiful wedding gift, shower gift, birthday or any occasion.

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